Lake Oroville host to fun kids fishing event

POSTED: 6:08 PM Jun 22 2013
Lake Oroville host to fun kids fishing event

A special fishing event for disabled and disadvantaged kids was held on Lake Oroville Saturday.

About 37 kids participated in the event "Catch a Special Thrill", or C.A.S.T., at the Oroville Spillway Boat Launch.

They were taught boating safety and the ethics of fishing before being taken out on fishing boats to try their hand at catching something on the lake.

Art Pasley, national director of C.A.S.T, says the event is a great way to get these special kids out in the sun and doing something they might normally not get to do.

"This provides them an opportunity to get out and see that they can do things too, other than sit in front of the TV and play video games," said Pasley.

Afterwards, the children are presented awards, which Pasley says is something rare for them.

"Most of these children have never received any award in their life," he said. "Each one of them will get a really nice plaque with their picture in it. It'll be presented to them by their boater. It'll be a thrill that they just don't forget."

This is the 22nd year that C.A.S.T. has been put on nationwide and the 9th time at Lake Oroville.