OROVILLE, Calif. -

Layoffs and other staffing changes at Oroville Hospital will impact about 50 employees at Oroville Hospital in the near future.

According to a statement from the human resources department, they're working to make the hospital more efficient by "continually reviewing and restructuring positions."

The hospital employs 1,400 people and the changes will affect about 3.5 percent of the staff.

There is word that some nurses have already been given pink slips. Staff outside the hospital Monday suggested most of the layoffs would be felt by nurses.

But according to Human Resources Director Jessica Montoya, not all of the impacts will come in the form of walking papers.

"They could have a status change or they could maybe be reduced to part time, maybe per diem," she said. "They could actually be looked at for other positions that may be open."

Montoya says Oroville Hospital is not in any financial hardship and this is just a part of streamlining their business.

They also expect patient volumes to remain high.