CHICO, Calif. -

Photographers and student stylists teamed up with the Jesus Center in Chico on Saturday to give a special gift for the less fortunate: personal and family portraits that will last forever.

The worldwide Help Portrait event is now in its fifth year, and has served hundreds of thousands of needy people and families, allowing them to get portraits they'd normally not have the means to afford.

Doug Churchill Photography and Greg Arens Photography worked together to capture special moments for about 150 people.

"Photographs give people a sense of self-worth and we are validating them as humans by doing their hair and makeup and then professional portraits," said photographer Doug Churchill. "A lot of people in these situations couldn't afford a professional photograph and so we're honored to be able to do this for them."

Free haircuts and makeup were also offered by student volunteers with the Marinello Beauty School in Chico to those who wanted their portraits taken.

"We just wanted to come out and show that we also love and care for our community," said Isaac Helmer, a student at Marinello. "I think that during this season, that's what it's all about. And our hearts are here and we now that people need love."

Some, like Fawn Lockhart, wanted photos for work and the opportunity was one she hoped would give her a leg up.

"A lot of us here haven't had a portrait taken in years," said Fawn Lockhart. "Some here are getting portraits for jobs, which is very important."

Robert Sargeant came for a family portrait and for his children to get a picture with Santa. He says the photos are priceless.

"It feels really good," Sargeant said. "I feel like our whole family is a family when we do stuff like this."

It was a chance for those who volunteered their Saturday to give back to the community, but for Talia Chadwick with Marinello Beauty Schools, it also gave something back to her.

"Building relationships here, there was so many awesome people that I have seen here and there's people that I know if I see them, it's another friendship," Chadwick said.

And although photographer Doug Churchill did it simply to give those who are less fortunate a special holiday memory, he couldn't be happier with the way he chose to spend his day.

"It is a great way to spend your Saturday," he said, "and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside."