Whether you're a farmer, a casual gardener, or just someone who likes to water your lawn, there is a beneficial new tool out there to save you some money.

A new weather station is in place to get a good reading on irrigation.

It is called the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS).

The system was installed at Shasta College in May, and is now one of two weather stations in Shasta County.

It shows how much water is lost from plants, and gives a reading of the amount of water you'll need to give your greens, so you don't use excess resources.

“In cases where water can be quite expensive or in very short supply, that allows farmers to put enough water down on their crop without actually over-watering and wasting water. But they'll still get a good crop," said Shasta College Horticulture Instructor Leimone Waite.

Waite says efficient use of water resources benefits all Californians.

More information on the California Irrigation Management Information System can be found at their website,