The mountain manager at the Mount Shasta Ski Park said he believes it will snow and they will be open for business in less than two weeks.

It is a critical situation at the ski park. In the middle of winter, the ski runs should be covered in white, not dirt.

“It definitely falls in just short of a disaster,” said mountain manager Richard Coots. “I’ve never seen it like this, dusty crazy.”

Coots has worked at the ski park for 30 years, and this is the worst he has seen it.

New features were added to the park this season. The “Sun Kid” lift was put in their tubing area and gives tubers a ride to the top of the run. Since the park hasn’t officially opened, they are not seeing the return on their newest investment. This means they’re having to make cuts in other areas.

“We have laid off some full-time employees which is really tough for us, we’ve never had to do that,” said Coots.

The officials at the Mount Shasta Ski Park are hopeful. They are aiming to open Valentine’s Day weekend, weather permitting.

“Yes we are, and this weekend especially there’s a good storm front on the horizon. A mixture of cold air and a Pineapple Express from the south,” said Coots.

However, our Chief Meteorologist Mike Krueger said this is a tough call.

“Thursday and Friday they are going to get some snow out of this, they may even be able to make some snow out of that. But the problem is by around Saturday Sunday, we are going to see the snow levels rise drastically. We are talking about from 2,000 to about 6,000 feet so what will happen is rain will go on top of that snow and melt it. Mount Shasta is in that border line of where that rain and snow line is so it’s going to be one of those wait and see types of situations,” said Krueger.

Regardless, Coots is optimistic about the storm. He’s turning the snow making machines on for the first time in 45 days.

They’ll run the machines overnight; conditions need to be below 28 degrees for a period of 4 hours or longer. Coots said this effort coupled with the cooperation of Mother Nature will work in their favor.

“Still committed to the season, we’re going to open,” said Coots.

If you purchased a season pass and have a question, you can call the Mount Shasta Ski Park at (530) 926-8610 or visit their website: