Thousands of dollars' worth of firearms were reported stolen in Tehama County on Sunday morning.

According to the victim, Calvin Rhoads, 74, he had nearly $9,000 in guns stolen from him. The stolen guns included a Remington brand 22-250 caliber bolt action rifle, a Remington brand .243 caliber bolt action rifle, Remington brand .22 caliber pump action rifle, Remington brand 7mm magnum bolt action rifle, a Winchester brand over/under style 12 gauge shotgun and a Winchester brand 300 magnum bolt action rifle.

In addition to the guns stolen, Rhoads also said he had five Red Field brand scopes valued at $1,500, two green army backpacks valued at $50, a 12-volt animal caller valued at $250, two trail cameras valued at $240 and miscellaneous ammunition valued at $125.

Rhoads told deputies that he believed the theft occurred somewhere between Los Molinos and the Lassen National Forest near Mineral.