KESWICK, Calif. -

New developments in the hate crime investigation that targeted a gay couple Tuesday night.

KRCR News Channel 7 caught up with the couple Thursday night.

They wish to remain anonymous, but said an investigator with the Shasta County Sheriff's Department contacted them Thursday.

The investigator said the department is doing everything it can to find out who cut the couple's gas line to their propane tank and vandalized their car.

39 homes were evacuated in Keswick, Tuesday night because of the propane leak.

The family issued the following state to KRCR News Channel 7, Thursday night:
"These horrific acts typically bring communities together and unite people in protecting the innocent. The message should NOT be one of fear, but as an attempt to intimidate, and an opportunity to educate and rid the world of ignorance, hatred and intolerance. These crimes have done nothing to change the identity of the victims, nor their sexual orientation. The only purpose it has served is to bolster efforts to end hate crimes. These criminals put the lives of probably 100 people or more in the Keswick area in jeopardy and our expectation of local and federal law enforcement is that they will be brought to justice. The only intolerance should be that of and for intolerance.

Dozens of supporters peacefully demonstrated at the north end of the Market Street Promenade Thursday night to show support for the couple.