A fatal accident claims two lives and two seriously injured

MARYSVILLE, Calif. - Two people are dead and two are in the hospital after a head-on car collision on Thursday.

The accident happened on Highway 70 south of the Butte County line.  CHP hasn't released the names of the victims but they tell us the two drivers are the ones who lost their lives.

"Driver of the brown truck was coming southbound and the driver of the white truck was coming northbound. For some unknown reason at this point the brown truck crossed over the line and hit the white truck," said Officer Jodie Beck from the California Highway Patrol.

Police say a 50-year-old man driving a 1971 brown Dodge pickup was not wearing his seat belt, but the 53-year-old woman driving a 2012 Chevy pickup was.  Both were killed.

The two people hurt were a 58-year-old man sitting in the front passenger seat of the Chevy and 21-year-old woman in the backseat.

Both were taken to a nearby hospital in Marysville where they're being treated for major injuries.

Early reports were that one of the trucks may have blown a tire.  Though investigators at this point say it's difficult to determine what really happened.

"We are not sure why. Investigations are still being conducted. We are still talking to witnesses. There will be investigations on the drivers as well//unknown with drugs or alcohol played a factor in this collision. Again, that'll still be under investigation as well," said Beck.

The highway was shut down for more than two hours, forcing detours for some drivers.  Big rig drivers had to sit and wait for the road to clear.   CHP says this stretch of highway can be particularly dangerous.

"Unfortunately, yeah it is. There is little room for error on this road. There are two lanes of traffic here and small shoulders," said Beck.

CHP is working to notify the next of kin of the two people who died. They tell us the woman driving the Chevy is from Roseville and the man driving the dodge truck is from Marysville.

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