A Good Samaritan and the Internet Help a Shingletown Man Fight Cancer

SHINGLETOWN, Calif. - It was April when 53-year-old Thomas Bomgarden found out that he had liver cancer.

Desperate to learn more, he began researching the disease and quickly discovered that in order to battle it, he would have to travel a lot -- and spend a lot of money.

Bomgarden moved to Shingletown from the Bay Area five years ago but now, the crucial surgery he needs is in San Francisco.

Bomgarden has a truck to get him to his treatment center, but after surgery he said he would have no way of getting back to Shingletown for recovery.

With few friends and family members to help him out, Bomgarden decided to post on Craigslist, asking for a ride to the Bay Area treatment center where he would stay for a few days. He did not offer any pay and went out on a limb in hopes that a complete stranger would give him a chance.

Finally, someone did.

A woman from Whitmore answered his ad and offered Bomgarden a ride. The woman requested to remain anonymous but she told Bomgarden that she had family in the San Francisco area and she said was more than willing to help him out.

Bomgarden said that it just goes to show that you can't always count a stranger out.

"There are people out there who actually do care," Bomgarden said, "and it's you worked out that a stranger is going to help me."

Bomgarden is set to have surgery on Oct. 30 and come back in a few days, but his fight is not over. He is still looking for someone to act as a caregiver.

Ultimately, he said that the only chance he has at knocking out the cancer is a liver transplant.

The wait list for a liver is anywhere from two to five years.

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