Congressman Doug LaMalfa Questions DHS on Recent Ammo Purchases

NORTHSTATE, Calif. - Congressman Doug LaMalfa is questioning the Department of Homeland Security about their recent purchases of ammunition. 

LaMalfa made his Fox News debut Monday afternoon discussing the topic.

We sat down with him Tuesday.

He said there's no question that there's a shortage of ammunition and that it is getting harder for gun owners to get their hands on it.  

Some are wondering if the government is to blame after some recent high-volume purchases made by the Dept. of Homeland Security and are concerned that they are buying in bulk to stop people from buying ammo.

LaMalfa said after receiving several phone calls from concerned citizens, his team started digging into the numbers.

He told us what they found was very different from the past, telling us the Dept. of Homeland Security is buying ammo at a much higher rate -- specifically, about four to five times more than usual.

LaMalfa said just Tuesday they ordered about 360,000 rounds and at this rate, they're set to buy about two billion rounds over the next four to five years. He told me that equals about 20 years worth of ammo.

He told us he understands the concept of stocking up but said between recent sequester cuts and our federal government being out of money, it just doesn't add up.

He said it's part of his job to oversee the government and get answers for the people he represents.

"As soon as a shipment comes in, people that know about it run down there at the opening of the store and buy it up so there's very little ammunition that's available to sporters and hunters and all that around here so that's frustrating too so all this kind of going together causes a great frustration and people that want me as their representative to ask the questions and I think it's a very legitimate concern and part of my duty," LaMalfa said.

He told us the DHS has acknowledged his questions and said they are working on a response.

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