Hot Item for Black Friday: Flat Screen TV's

This time of year is supposed to be about spending time with family, cutting up that turkey, and for some, enjoying the day off. For many others, this time of year is about waiting in long lines for Grey Thursday and Black Friday deals.

Stores are stocked up and shoppers are ready to go.

It's not just about Black Friday this year. Some retailers are opening hours before midnight, so they've coined it "Grey Thursday."

There's a variety of Black Friday deals, but this year's hot item: flat screen TV's. Retailers are competing for the lowest prices.

Best Buy's door bust deal ad features a 32-inch Panasonic 720 pixel TV for about $190.

There's also a 40-inch Toshiba 1080 pixel for about $180.

Best Buy Supervisor, Tanya Degrandi, said she expects their TVs to fly off shelves.

"Quantities will go fast so it's important to get a ticket and stay in line," she said.

The tickets will be handed out to those who wait in line before the big opening on midnight Friday.

The tickets will be for special items that aren't advertised. One of them is a 50-inch LED television but you'll only hear about the price when the store opens.

All the while, employees down at target are racing against time. They are one of several retailers opening early this year.

Their doors will open at 9 p.m. Thursday.

Some of their bargains include a 32-inch Apex 720 pixel TV for $147 and a 50-inch Westinghouse 1080 pixel TV for $350.

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