Neighbor describes Alturas fatal mass shooting suspect

Neighbor describes Alturas fatal mass shooting suspect

CEADERVILLE, Calif. - Cherie Lash lived on tribal land in the very small community of Cedarville, 30 minutes east of Alturas in Modoc County.

It is a very close knit community and most the people that lived there were very reluctant to speak to the media.

Before the shooting rampage that took four lives, Lash worked at the Rabbit Traxx Gas Station owned by the Cedarville Rancheria Tribe off Highway 299.

A clerk working at the station said the tribe's lawyer told him not to talk to the media.

We learned Friday, Lash lived in this small cul-de-sac off Patterson Street next to her family. We found a neighbor who wanted us to withhold her identity because she feared retaliation for speaking to the media.

"She's just not a very nice person," said the neighbor.

The neighbor said she's known Lash for 22 years.

She said Lash and her mother moved to Cedarville to start the Cedarville Rancheria Band of the North Paiute Tribe.

Ever since the neighbor can remember, she said Lash has been difficult to live next to.

"She was very intimidating," said the neighbor. "She also a very mean hearted person; coldhearted."

The woman also said when Lash was the leader of the Cedarville Rancheria, she didn't do her job very well.

"She didn't have any knowledge of tribal business, and some of that is the reason why the tribe suffered," said the neighbor.

According to the Associated Press Lash was being investigated by the federal government for accusations she embezzled nearly $50,000 from the Rancheria Tribe.

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