School officials pushing for June bond

School officials pushing for June bond

WILLOWS, Calif. - School officials in Willows are encouraging voters to approve a measure that would earmark a $14 million bond for school repairs.

Supporters of the measures said the money would be used to fix up classrooms, bathrooms, and fix a roof that is leaking at Murdock Elementary School; however, for people living in the school district's boundaries it would add an extra $45 every year for the next six years on their property tax.

"It does become a problem when on a rainy day the roof leaks in the first grade class," said Murdock Elementary School principal, Carrie Brown. "The first graders get distracted when the teachers have to go and get a bucket. It interrupts their learning for that day."

Brown said the tile in the bathrooms is chipping away, and wood panels need to be replaced outside of the classrooms. She also said the fire alarms are not up to code.

"It doesn't work very well, and it's not that safe," said Brown.

School officials said they need help from the voters in June for all of the problems to get fixed.

"We have needs now. We can't wait 50 years for it," said "Yes on Measure R" bond chairman, Jim Lambert.

School district officials said Willows High and Murdock Elementary need the most help.

"It still has the same windows [at Murdock Elementary] when it was built in 1952," Lambert said.

The money would go towards a new heating and cooling system at Murdock Elementary; as well as upgrading classrooms with new technology and making sure anyone in a wheelchair can get around.

"Our needs are more than $25 million for this district. We are not going to get that much money so we'll have to prioritize to get the best bang for the buck," Lambert said.

School officials also said the state would match the bond if approved. This will be the fourth time this measure has been on the ballot.

The election is on June 3.

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