Steps to Take for Child Safety

REDDING, Calif. - No parent ever expects their child to go missing, but unfortunately, once in a while it's a reality.

Redding Police Department officials said there's a list of things parents should do in order to be prepared for that remote possibility.

They said they base their system off steps given by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The first thing that organization recommends is to keep a complete and current written description of your child, including things like eye color, height, weight and any other physical attributes.  

Next, they said to take color photos of your child at least every six months.

You should also know where your child's medical and dental records are and how you can get copies.

They also recommend contacting law enforcement agencies to get your children fingerprinted.

The last step is collecting a DNA sample from your child. You can do that by holding on to an old toothbrush or their baby teeth.

The more information you have on your child, the more assistance you'll provide for law enforcement agencies.

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