Supervisors proclaim October 'Domestic Violence Awareness Month'

Supervisors proclaim October 'Domestic Violence Awareness Month'

REDDING, Calif. - Tuesday morning the Shasta County Board of Supervisors proclaimed October Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

While the recognition is nation-wide in Shasta County the domestic violence statistics are startling.

The rate of domestic violence is 25 percent higher than in California.

According to One SAFE Place from 2012 to 2013, 572 domestic violence restraining orders were filed.

From June 2012 to 2013 law enforcement in Shasta County recorded 738 domestic violence calls and that's just reported.

Many victims never come forward about the problem.

"Domestic violence is extremely under reported and so the reports that we get every month are only a small portion of the actual problem of domestic violence in our community," said Angie Mellis with the Shasta County Crime Victim's Assistance Center.

Mellis said it's hard to tell why the numbers are high in Shasta County but said statistics are usually higher in rural counties.

"We have high incidents of drug use, high incidents of alcohol use and both of those are predictors of violence," she explained.

Domestic violence can cost a victim their life.

According to the Violence Policy Center, 61 percent of homicides are by an intimate partner.

The average cost of one domestic violence homicide in Shasta County is $1,649,830.

Overall Health and Human Services residents pay and average of $15,092,550 a year due to domestic violence. Those costs come from medical and mental health related costs as well as work-time lost.

For more information in Shasta County you can call One SAFE Place Crisis Line at (530) 244-0117. Alternatives to Violence in Tehama County can be reached at (530) 528-0226 and Catalyst in Butte County at (530) 343-7711.

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