CHICO, Calif. -

Chico police officers got the call Friday around 11 a.m. and were on scene for five hours only to learn the suspect got away.

Chico police responded with every officer on duty in order to keep everyone safe at the Menlo Pointe apartments. It created quite a scene and a major inconvenience that ultimately yielded nothing.

Officers swarmed the complex when they got a call of a gunman walking into the front office.

“They were probably standing four feet away from the each other. So, she clearly saw the handgun,” said Captain Ford Porter of Chico Police.

The woman working the front counter says a white man in a camouflage shirt walked up to her and pointed a handgun at her. Police said somehow she was able to get out of the office and call 911.

“For the safety not only of the officers responding, but everyone in this apartment complex and neighborhood we took the precautions as if he was inside,” said Porter.

Officers told nearby neighbors to stay inside and lock their doors Chico police taped off the scene and closed Menlo Way.

“I've only been living here for two months it's kind of off putting already,” said resident, Sean Biswurm.

Biswurm had a guest from his hometown of Chicago visiting him while he was doing some errands.

“From 2,000 miles away, it's her first day in town,” said Biswurm. “I explained this to officers and their response was, welcome to Chico.”

“So I'm just sunbathing by the pool minding my own business,” said Biswurm’s house guest, Christine King. “Next thing I know, I get word he's loose on the complex property with a gun. That's when I went back inside and have been hanging out there for a little bit.”

King said she heard police officers telling the suspect to come out with his hands up.

“Pretty much that was it. Over and over again for at least 20 to 30 minutes,” said King.

After five hours, police went in and smashed the office window with a battering ram, but found no one inside.

“We don't have any idea where he might have gone or what his purpose was going in there in the first place was,” said Porter.

The suspect is described as a white man between the ages of 20 to 30 years old wearing a camouflage long sleeve shirt or jacket. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Chico police at 530-897-4911.