The City of Oroville held an "urban greening" workshop Saturday at the Veterans Hall to get public opinion on various civic projects.

"Urban greening" is a way of enhancing the quality of life in communities by connecting neighborhoods with trails and open spaces, planting trees and building community gardens.

And the City of Oroville has applied for money to pull off a number of "urban greening" projects around the city.

Saturday, a public workshop was held to get feedback from the people of Oroville on ways the city can best pull off the projects and what type of obstacles might arise in the process.

"If you nail down a plan with public input, you're basically halfway there," says Butte County Supervisor Bill Connelly, "and it's called a shovel-ready project, (so) it's easier to receive funding. We need the public input to make sure we go the right direction with our planning."

The crowd of about 40 people were taken on tours to sites of proposed "urban greening" projects to get a better picture of what they would entail.

All comments are looked at by city planners and used to decide whether a plan is feasible or not and adjustments are made as needed.