PALO CEDRO, Calif. -

A lucky person in Palo Cedro is now $54,905 richer.

The Holiday Market in Palo Cedro sold the winning ticket to an unnamed person on Saturday.

Workers are excited but are wondering who won the money.

“We’re all excited because it’s just awesome,” said Holiday Market cashier Patience Preston. “I’ve been here for almost 20 years and we’ve never had that big of a sale.”

She said there are a bunch of regulars who she hopes were the winner.

The store has seen a similar winner a few years ago when someone pulled a $10,000 winning scratch ticket from their machine.

Like any lottery winner, the Holiday Market does get a cut of the winnings but it’s not much.  The store will receive just $273 for selling a winner or just 0.5% of the total jackpot.