PARADISE, Calif. -

It just opened Saturday but the Paradise On Ice skating rink is already the hottest spot in the Town of Paradise, bringing people and much needed revenue from far and wide.

Hundreds have descended on The Ridge this weekend to don a pair of skates.

"We are the only ice rink between Mount Shasta and the Sacramento area so we are getting surrounding areas all over coming up here," says Paradise On Ice Manager Pamela Teeter.

While the rink provides those who skate it a unique experience, organizers hope those visitors will in turn open their wallets and help boost the area's economy.

"We hope they come up here, they enjoy the ice rink, some of the vendors that have come here to join us, but then hit a meal at one of our restaurants, maybe fill up their gas tanks, and then head on home," says Teeter.

And while the rink is clearly a destination for a day's worth of fun, plenty of other events are planned to help keep people coming back.

"You can rent it for private rentals," Teeter says. "We have certainly other fun available sessions--broom ball that we're going to be featuring here, ice skating lessons, we have family time specials--so we have a lot of things going on."

So if you're looking for a chance to do something different this winter, the ice in Paradise has quickly become a popular, and hopefully lucrative, choice.

For more information, you can visit the Paradise On Ice Facebook page or the Paradise Recreation & Park webpage.