RED BLUFF, Calif -

A Red Bluff vegetation fire was started by legal fireworks, officials said Friday.

Red Bluff firefighters responded to the fire around 9:54 last night at the Red Bluff City Park.

The fire was apparently started by a man with a legal firework, though it wasn't set up properly, officials said.

It burned dry grass and berry bushes in an area 30 feet by 130 feet.

Even though the 4th of July has passed, Red Bluff firefighters want to remind the public about the importance of making sure fireworks are used the right way.

"If they use them safe then we won’t have a problem,“ said Division Chief Matthew Shobash, with the Red Bluff Fire Department. “There’s a lot of big parking lots where people could come together and if you don't use illegal fireworks we don't have a problem and if you use the legal ones safely there's usually no issues."

The fire was quickly contained by firefighters from the Red Bluff fire department along with help from CAL FIRE.

No one was hurt.