Red Bluff Police K-9 supported by community

POSTED: 12:08 AM Jul 16 2013   UPDATED: 12:13 AM Jul 16 2013
Red Bluff Police K-9 supported by community

A police dog’s main job is to protect the community, and the Red Bluff Police Department is asking people to show their appreciation by donating to the K-9 program.

Many (pronounced Manny) is a 3-year-old German Sheppard who has been working for the past year and a half with partner Corporal Michael Brown to keep the city of Red Bluff safe. 

“Many provides an invaluable service to me and the community,” said Corporal Brown.

The citizens of Red Bluff keep the K-9 unit going, because it relies on donations to fund the program.  In an effort to keep the unit funded, the department is selling “challenge coins.” For $15.00 people can buy a coin, with a German Shepherd printed on it, that will go into the K-9 fund.

“People can donate and get something to remember what they donated to,” said Corporal Brown.

On average it costs about $5,000.00 for Many’s medical expenses, training and food.  Other costs may also come up, like his bulletproof vest which was about $2,500.00.

The community is just as committed as Many. There has been a positive response, securing funds to carry them through the year.

“I don’t have to worry about is he going to be here next year, are we going to have the funding for it, he is going to be right there next year with me,” said Corporal Brown.

Good news for the city’s needs and the crime fighting duo.

“If he needs help I’m going to help him and when I need help he’s going to help me, we rely on each other a lot,” said  Corporal Brown.

The Red Bluff Police Department keeps a reserve for emergencies and in preparation for the following years. If you would like to pick up a challenge coin, you can visit the Police Department at 555 Washington Street, Suite A or call their office 530-527-8282.