RED BLUFF, Calif. -

Police say car thefts and burglaries have tripled in several Red Bluff neighborhoods.

So far, police have no leads on any suspects because the department isn’t sure how the criminals are even getting in the cars. In the past three weeks, 16 vehicles have been broken into and 10 vehicles stolen.

“Don’t know how they got into the car but they did,” said William Herman who lives in the Highland Bluffs neighborhood.

Police say it’s unclear how the suspects break in because there’s never any visible damage to the cars. They have no leads on any suspects because the criminals know the area well and are able to hide out and escape undetected.

Officers say criminals target the Highland Bluffs and Forward Addition areas of Red Bluff because they’re affluent neighborhoods.

People living in the neighborhood are being proactive and alerting officers when and if they see something suspicious. They’ve also created a neighborhood watch program, being extra vigilant in the evening hours.

“Don’t be thinking it wont happen to you, because if you let your guard down it will,” said Herman.

The Red Bluff Police Department is also sending extra patrols to the neighborhoods. The crimes typically happened between midnight and sunrise.