REDDING, Calif. -

The Redding City Council moved forward with stage one in their drought management plan for a voluntary water reduction.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the staff discussed the drought conditions caused by a lack of precipitation. People are being asked to use less water. The goal of the order is to reduce water usage by 15 percent. This applies citywide to residential and commercial areas.

Assistant Director of Public Works Jon McClain said the entire state is dealing with the drought, but fortunately Redding is not as extreme as other parts of California. He says this drought plan is something everyone has been anticipating and planning for.

“It’s anybody’s guess to how deep the cuts need to be, the reservoirs are low we know. Rainfall has been limited but the past couple of weeks had significant amount of rain and of course everyone’s hoping maybe we'll get some more and turn things around,” said McClain.

The next three stages are mandatory water reductions: stage two is 25 percent, stage three is 35 percent and stage four is 50 percent. McClain said it is too early to decide if they will need to move forward with any of those plans.