REDDING, Calif. -

A Redding Police K-9 is recovering after an emergency surgery for a medical condition.

On December 6, Redding Police K-9 Carr underwent emergency surgery at the
Millville Veterinary Clinic for bloat and a twist of the stomach.

According to a news release, from the group Communities for Police Canines, bloat is a condition when a dogs stomach fills with gas. The expansion of the stomach puts pressure on the diaphragm, which makes it hard for the dog to breathe and can damage internal organs. The stomach will also twist, causing shock and rapid death if not treated immediately.

Redding K-9 Handlers are trained to recognize this condition and his handler, Officer
Jason Rhoads, was able to seek immediate emergency care for K-9 Carr. K-9 Carr
is currently recovering from his surgery at home with Rhoads and family.

K-9 Carr has been serving as a police canine in the city of Redding since November
21, 2007. K-9 Carr and Rhoads have been an integral part of the Redding
Police K-9 Unit during the past six years.

K-9 Carr has assisted officers in the capture of multiple suspects and he has located large quantities of illegal drugs. K-9 Carr is 8 years old and currently the oldest of the five K-9's working for the Redding Police Department.