REDDING, Calif. -

Halloween is a time to have some fun and get some candy.

Redding Police Department is asking the community, to keep some safety tips in mind while celebrating.

Some of those Halloween safety tips are:


     Don't approach houses with lights turned off.

     Wear a costume that makes it easy to walk in and be seen in.

     Make sure that costumes are made out of flame retardant material.

     Walk on the sidewalk, facing traffic.

     Consider going to a Halloween party instead of trick-or-treating.

     Trick-or-treat before it gets dark and always go with an adult.

     Stay off cell phones while trick-or-treating, and pay attention to surroundings.

     Parents make sure to check candy before children start eating it.

Redding police  said they will be keeping an eye out.

"We'll have some extra patrols out on the street, making some contacts with some folks we always watch during this time of year,” said Sergeant Aaron Maready.  “There’s some folks we always like to make contact with to remind them they should not have contact with children.”