REDDING, Calif. -

For many students in Redding, Monday was their first day back at school.

Students at University Preparatory School students said there were pros and cons about the first day, but for the most part they said they were happy to be back.

“I’m just happy to be somewhere where I feel at home,” said Tory Ross, USB President at the school. She said she is happy to be around friends and is working hard to make sure that the entire student body can share a similar experience.

“We're really focusing on connecting everybody and making sure everybody feels welcomed and happy,” said Ross.

Students were not the only ones with a busy schedule on the first day. Faculty and staff were also trying to keep up with the excitement.

"We're trying to get the right number of desks in every classroom as we adjust students' schedules," said Vice-Principal Lane Carlson.

And even though the day was filled with new information for students, there was one thing they wished they didn't have to deal with on the first day -- homework.

"We shouldn’t have homework on the first day," said Eric Oliver, who is in eighth grade.

"I have to read one chapter for biology by tomorrow basically," said Leo Choti.