Reverge Anselmo faces fines; asked by county to remove wall in front of his chapel

POSTED: 4:57 PM Jun 06 2013

Shasta County is asking Shingletown restaurant owner Reverge Anselmo to tear down a wall on Inwood Road in front of his chapel.

The county is saying the wall is a traffic and safety hazard on county property.

Meanwhile, Anselmo is also being fined daily for missing deadlines in filing last year's political contributions in local campaigns.

The State Political Reform Division Chief said on Thursday that Anselmo is considered a "major donor" and he filed his donation paperwork late and not online – which is required.

Anselmo said on Thursday that he was unaware and is working to correct it.

He also said that he believes he is being targeted, comparing his situation to the IRS targeting Tea Party groups.

The fines amount to $20 a day after the deadlines passed but Anselmo can appeal and ask for a waiver for the penalties.