CHICO, Calif. -

Thursday brought happy times for Chico families helped by the Salvation Army.

One week ago, the Salvation Army put out an emergency appeal for toys.  At that point, the organization had received only 40 percent of the 1,200 toys they needed to give to boys and girls who won't have much for Christmas.

That public appeal brought out Chico's generosity.  Over the last week, the Salvation Army received more than enough gifts.  The gifts and food baskets were delivered to the recipients on Thursday.

Salvation Army Envoy Tawnya Stumpf said meeting their goal was a huge accomplishment.

"The joy, the relief of making sure we have enough presents underneath the tree for children that sometimes don't have homes, that's an incredible feeling,” said Stumpf.  “Everyone that's stepped forward to do this that they've provided something that otherwise would not have happened.”

Families in need were given turkey dinners and toys for their children this Christmas.