PARADISE, Calif. -

Gusty winds swept through Butte County’s ridge early Thursday morning.  Some estimated the winds at 40 miles per hour.  They knocked down a huge tree that pierced the roof of a Paradise business.

Soon crews were on scene working to clear away the tree that dropped through the roof of Fins, Fur and Feather Outdoor Sports near the Skyway and Clark Road.

Owner Larry Main said the alarm company notified him at 5 a.m. and he immediately came to assess the damage.

”I cried probably,” said Main. “I was sick.”

Larry Main and his wife, Fran, have owned the store for 1 1/2 years.  It's been a struggle at times, trying to start a new business.  Before this accident, Fins, Fur and Feather Outdoor Sports was gearing up to help outdoors men gear up with everything from guns and ammo, to fishing rods and bait. 

The Mains are grateful that no one was in the store, and no one was injured.  The building is fully insured, a must for any business or residence in an area of the Northstate with so many trees.

For now there's a huge tree in the center of his store surrounded by a whole lot of insulation.  Despite all the damage, Main maintains hope for the future.

”[I’ll] just rebuild and start over.”

Some workers said the entire building will have to be replaced.  Others said one side of the roof might be salvaged.  Either way, the sporting goods store will be out of business for at least three to four months to undergo repairs.