Shasta County jail inmate commits suicide in his cell

POSTED: 6:03 PM Jul 08 2013

Shasta County Jail inmate Kristopher Buchanan was discovered dead in his cell at around 10 a.m. on Jul. 6, according to Shasta County deputies.

According to officials, correctional officers and medical staff immediately began life saving efforts upon discovering Buchanan, but he was pronounced dead at Shasta Regional Medical Center.

Buchanan had been arrested for attacking his father, and threatening to kill him.

His father, Paul Buchanan, claimed that his son was "high on heroin" and trying to break in on a 911 phone call.

When the Shasta County Sheriff's Department arrived they saw that both Buchanan and his father were covered in blood.

The deputies said that the 28-year-old broke a coffee pot over his father's head.