37th Annual Lions All-Star Game

The Northstate football season kicks off this weekend with the 37th annual Lions Club All-Star Game at Shasta College. That's where the North Team is practicing. KRCR News Channel 7's Mike Mangas spent a little more time on the sidelines with North Head coach Greg Grandell of West Valley High and Lion Duaine Melton on Thursday. The team only has a week to practice. Coach and players are amazed at how quickly these players from all over the Northstate have become a team. "These guys really came together quick. I knew we were in good shape when at dinner guys were sitting with other guys, not the people they're used to sitting with, kind of mixing the team," said Coach Greg Grandell. "So I know we had some good unity and that's always great for a team." "A lot of these guys have been our rivals, ever since like junior midgets, peewees, all the way down from the very beginning, so getting to know them as a teammate has been pretty fun," said Kaden Culp, a North Quarterback. "They're pretty cool," said Ryan Pollard, a North Quarterback. "I've gotten pretty close with a lot of them, so, be some good friends made from this camp. That probably wouldn't have happened without it."

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