Abused horses adopted by Redding man

Two formerly abandoned horses are becoming healthier in Shasta County

REDDING, Calif. - Two horses found abandoned and abused in Glenn County were adopted by a Redding man.

Tony Manning took the horses in and is helping them get back to normal.

They were located back on September 5, when they were found roaming in an area below Alder Springs on Forest Highway 7, northwest of Elk Creek. Both horses were extremely malnourished and had been without water for some time.

"These horses were so profoundly underfed and malnourished," said Manning. "No water... The one closest to us was almost dead when they found him. You can't do that to an animal."

The horses are geldings, one bay and one sorrel. Neither horse had a brand or tattoo of any type.

Manning said he will be using the horses as therapy horses.

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