Anderson Man and Ex Prisoner of War to be Awarded French Legion of Honor

Anderson Man and Ex Prisoner of War to be Awarded French Legion of Honor

ANDERSON, Calif. - An Anderson man, who was a Prisoner of War during World War II, will be awarded with the French Legion of Honor.

Ellis Booth, 89, said he got a letter in the mail sometime last year, explaining that he was eligible for France's Legion of Honor.

After months, he said he received a letter stating that the award, along with the title of Knight, would become official.

"I don't hardly know how I feel. I know I'm nervous about it," Booth said.

He was drafted into the army in 1943. A year later, Booth was captured during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.

"It's just something that I went through. I don't hardly know how to talk about anything like this," Booth said.

He was held as a prisoner of war for 6 months. He told us he can't even put into words what he went through - burying his fellow soldiers and friends and wondering if he would make it through.

"I just think somebody might have been watching over me. I just kept saying that I wasn't gonna die, you know. I was gonna go home and I did."

Booth was finally freed in April of 1945 when the concentration camp he was being held at was overrun by whats known as "The Big Red One."

Booth has already been awarded Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

He will will be awarded on March 13th by a member of the French Embassy out of San Francisco.

The ceremony starts at 7 p.m. and will be held at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Redding.

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