Anderson mom's diaper bag trick goes viral

Anderson mom's diaper bag trick goes...

ANDERSON, Calif. - Anderson mom's post of a diaper bag hack on social media went viral, helping moms with babies.

Moms on the go are probably familiar with the feeling of digging in their diaper bags to find just what they need.

Elizabeth Rasco is a mother of a four-month-old, so she knows just how important it is to have baby wipes at all times.

Instead of using the clunky wipe box for just the wipes, she thought she could use it to save some space.

She tied a bag of wipes to the top. and used the box to fit everything else - a kind of survival kit for diaper changes.

Inside, she can fit a diaper changing cover, a onesie, four diapers and some trash bags.

"I'm just the first one that put it on Facebook. Others are saying how it's awesome for the car, and I totally agree. A couple days later my friend had found out it had gone viral and he's looking at it going oh my gosh you've gone viral, it is so amazing, and I'm like cool," Rasco said.

Rasco said all it takes is a hair band and some string to attach the wipes to the lid.

She adds that she'll be on the look-out for more life hacks to make things easier for moms.

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