Baggie of pills found in girl's candy bag

REDDING, Calif. - Not a treat, but a nasty trick found inside a little girl's Halloween-candy bag.

"We dumped out the whole bag and we were going through, looking, making sure nothing was open," says Alicia Segrest, a Redding mother.

"My daughter picked it up and said 'here's some pills mom' and I grabbed it," explains Segrest, whose 5-year-old girl uncovered the packet of pills.

Segrest says the small baggie of unmarked pills was handed out during their night of going door-to-door for Halloween candy.

Wondering what the pills were, Segrest snapped a photo, and posted it to Facebook. "Several people said it looked like molly," says Segrest.

One of the tiny, potentially dangerous pills, packed in the baggie, could possibly be a more pure form of ecstasy.

That thought frightens Segrest, "It's totally scary. It's a 5-year-old and if she was to take one of them, who knows what would happen. Death, you know, something horrible. And for it to be so easily handed off to a kid, it's not OK."

So the worried mother called Redding Police.

"It's an innocent mistake, and throw them away," recalls Segrest, quoting the response she got from the officer she made the report to over the phone.

Redding Police say they are investigating the potentially dangerous drugs.

Segrest even gave officers the area where the pills were possibly handed out from.

She just wants all parents to be cautious.
"Parents need to actually check and make sure and not just let the kids eat the candy."

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