‘Batman' returns to school campus after surgery

REDDING, Calif. - U-Prep freshman Jonathan Giles, a huge fan of Batman comics, is back on campus after battling kidney dysplasia and subsequent surgery.

Jonathan's rare condition, where his kidneys didn't form properly, placed a big threat in front of him – but Jonathan battled back.

"Before, I was really sick and felt like throwing up all the time but not anymore, way better," described the teen.

The boy who grew up reading how the caped crusader fought off evil was faced with the biggest enemy of his life. Jonathan was born with just one kidney – which was failing.

But support from his school, classmates and teachers -- plus a spare kidney donated by his dad -- Jonathan fought off his illness.

"We got confirmation that I could be the donor for him and so back on March 12 we both went in and had surgery and successfully transplanted one of my kidney's into him," explained Todd Giles, Jonathan's dad.

While working to get better, Jonathan's P.E. teacher, Mr. Baker, took time out his own life to make sure his student kept up on his studies.

"He's just one of those kids you just want to help when he's in a tough spot and it's just kind of the right thing to do to," said Baker.

"The thing that stands out about Jonathan is that he's got this tremendous attitude, positive energy that I've never seen leave him. I've never seen him say something negative," Baker recalled.

While Jonathan and his family have recovered from the surgery and hospital stay, the Bat-Signal which has spread throughout school is a constant reminder of all the sidekicks Jonathan will have for life.

"It meant a lot to him that everyone was supportive in a Batman theme," said Giles.

That show of support is not lost on Jonathan.

"That was cool. I'm not really one for getting praise and stuff like that but it was really cool that everybody was showing their support," said a smiling Jonathan.

His parents said this is a temporary sigh of relief for their family, and that Jonathan's kidney transplant is not a cure. He may need to have additional surgery later on in life – but Jonathan will continue to fight.

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