Boy bruised, Mom accusing teachers of assault

REDDING, Calif. - A Redding mother is alleging her 8-year-old son Weston was assaulted at school by his teachers.

The boy attends Enterprise Community Day School in Redding. The school specializes in working with children who have behavioral and learning difficulties, like ADHD, which Weston has.

"[My son] told the officer that they had escorted him to a classroom and they twisted his arms behind his back, sat on his feet and slammed his face into the ground," said Jenna Scott, Weston's mother.

Scott said the incident happened while her son was at school Monday. That's when she noticed the black eye Weston had when he went to leave for the day.

"It started swelling almost immediately after I picked him up," explained Scott.

Scott believes her son was assaulted by two teachers using a behavioral technique called proactive restraining.

"It's a positive way to restrain a child so they don't hurt themselves or somebody else in a temper tantrum pretty much," Scott said.

The technique is approved and used at specific schools in Shasta County.

Enterprise Community Day School's principal and superintendent; Brian Winstead said he can't comment on the specifics of this case but "we are aware of the allegations."

The Redding Police Department is actively investigating the assault claims.

But Scott is pushing for action to be taken against the two teachers involved and wants them held responsible.

"I can not send my son back to this school knowing that these teachers have not been held accountable for this and that it can possibly happen again," Scott said.

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