Busy day for Redding firefighters

REDDING, Calif. - In an unusually busy day, the Redding Fire Department responded to two second-alarm structure fires on Tuesday, and almost ended up with a third.

All available units were sent around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday to a home on Collyer Drive. As soon as that incident was contained a vegetation fire was reported across town off of Placer Street. Then around 4:00 p.m., another fire requiring all available units was reported on Cadjew Court.

The structure fire on Collyer was originally reported as fully-engulfed. When firefighters arrived they found a single story home billowing smoke.

Crews worked diligently to vent the roof of the home and extinguish the fire inside. Just as this fire was declared contained and firefighters started their cleanup, another structure fire was reported across town in west Redding.

Fire engines hurried to clear the Collyer scene and respond to Mesa and Placer Streets where what was originally reported as a home on fire turned out to be a vegetation fire that was threatening multiple homes.

The vegetation fire was quickly contained to a couple of small spots, giving firefighters what would have been a much-needed break.

But then another vegetation and structure fire was reported on Cadjew Court. Units at the Collyer incident could see the smoke, and as reports came in that a home was catching fire, commanders called once again for all available city resources.

The entire backyard of the Cadjew Court home was burned, including a trampoline and awning. Damage was also done to the side of the house, the attic, and a bedroom.

No serious injuries were reported in any of the fires.

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