Car thief free on bail, no criminal mastermind

Bradley Wible, caught on surveillance video in a confrontation with the true owner of the car police say he stole, out on bail.

Within less than 24 hours of his arrest, he was released after posting $25,000 bond.

Wible is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Redding police say they are constantly keeping an eye out for stolen cars on the city's streets.

The department says Honda Accords top the list of the five most stolen vehicles, all ranging in year but within the '90s.

"Redding is not Mayberry anymore. There are people out there actively looking to take advantage of someone else's lapse of judgment," says Sergeant Todd Cogle.

Cogle explains that most people make it all too easy for car thieves to get away with what they're after.

"If they see your car idling in the morning, they'll drive around the neighborhood, drop someone off, jump in and take off with it," says Cogle.

He reminds everyone to not leave car keys inside the vehicle, even for a moment.

Cogle says the police department does recover a majority of stolen cars, but being proactive could keep thieves from taking an easy target.

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