Charged CHP Officer Still Receiving Pay

REDDING, Calif. - A Redding California Highway Patrol officer charged with multiple felonies is still receiving his regular paychecks.

45 year old Gerald "Gary" Harris pleaded not guilty in July to two felony counts of possessing child porn, one felony for unauthorized use of a computer and one misdemeanor count for annoying a child, plus two special allegations.

Harris has also pleaded not guilty to possessing assault weapons, explosives, a controlled substance and embezzlement.

Even though Harris has been charged with several felonies, he is still pulling in about $3,100 every month. That comes to around $80,000 a year.

Harris' supervisor, Captain Jerry Flavin, confirmed these numbers and said that right now, Harris is technically on administrative assignment. That means, if he were coming to work, he wouldn't be allowed to be on patrol.

Captain Flavin said Harris is currently using his vacation and sick days. If he runs out of those days, he won't be paid unless he comes to work.

Flavin told us they are in the process of sending the administrative report of the investigation to the CHP Headquarters in Sacramento. That's where they'll decide whether or not Harris will get to keep his job.

The investigation was launched in January when Harris had to have his work laptop fixed. Another officer tried to fix it and reportedly found porn.

The report from CHP investigators says they found numerous flash drives and computer discs during their investigation at his Anderson home.

On one flash drive was photo of a former student in his wife's second grade class at Meadow Lane. The camera was focused on her private parts and was date stamped September 2010. Investigators tracked the identity of the student and found she now lives in Roseville. The student said she remembered Harris being in the classroom everyday "after lunch and would leave shortly before school let out."

Investigators found a second flash drive at Harris' home. It contained more than 100 pictures of child erotica and nudity that were evidence in another CHP case.

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