CHP and Suspect Exchanged Multiple Gun Shots; Suspect and Passengers have Criminal Backgrounds

COTTONWOOD, Calif. - New details on Tuesday morning's officer involved shooting have been released by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office.

It happened just before 10 a.m. on Happy Valley Road near West Valley High School.

Shasta County Deputies said California Highway Patrol officers attempted to pull over 48-year-old William "Billy" Kinyon, who was driving in a red pick-up truck.

Instead of pulling over, Kinyon took off. While he led officers on a chase, Deputies said Kinyon brandished a gun.

One of the passengers was 24-year-old Michelle Short, who is 6-months pregnant. Kinyon is the father of one of her other children.

Short was injured, but is now at home recovering. Family members said the baby is doing okay.

The other passenger was 29-year-old Wendy Michaels. She was not injured during the incident. Michaels was questioned by investigators and then released.

Deputies said throughout the chase, there were multiple exchanges of gunfire. They said eventually, Kinyon stopped and got out of the truck, threatening officers with a handgun once again.  That's when officers shot Kinyon.

He was treated at Mercy Medical Center for non life-threatening injuries. Kinyon is being charged with attempted murder.

All three people involved in the incident have a criminal history.

Deputies said Kinyon was sentenced to state prison in 2005 for drug related charges. He was released last year under AB109 and was put on probation.

Earlier this year, Kinyon was charged with drug related charges. He failed to show up for court and a warrant for his arrest was issued in November.

Deputies said Michaels and Short told investigators that during the pursuit Kinyon told them "he was not going back to prison."

According to court records, Short currently has a warrant out for her arrest after she didn't show up to court in August. She was charged with possession of a smoking device earlier this year plus trespassing and vadalism in 2011.

In 2010, Michaels was charged with four misdemeanors, including delaying an officer and trespassing. She spent 30 days in jail and was sentenced to three years probation, which she is still serving.

The names of the CHP officers involved are not being released at this time.

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