Competency Exam Ordered for 17-Year Old Accused of Murdering His Father

REDDING., Calif - The 17 year-old accused of murdering his father last week was in Shasta County Court on Tuesday morning.

A public defender representing Dreis Luera, requested a competency exam this morning.

Today was expected to be his entry of plea hearing in connection to the death of his father, Andre Luera.

A  mental competency exam will allow psychologists to determine if whether Luera understands what is going on in court and whether he will be able to assist in his defense.

Luera, who turns 18 this year is being tried as an adult.

According to police reports Luera admitted to stabbing his father to death with a knife, Thursday April 4.

He is currently being held without bail in Shasta County Juvenile Hall.

He will be back in court on May 13.

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