Congressman LaMalfa reacts to rowdy town hall meetings

Congressman LaMalfa reacts to rowdy...

REDDING, Calif. - Congressman Doug LaMalfa held another town hall meeting in Redding Wednesday evening.  

LaMalfa explained before the meeting he was hoping it would be less rowdy than his last two meetings. He added when people shout over others it is difficult to be productive.

"I'm going to be hopeful again that we can have a productive respectful conversation about what's going on in D.C. and what information I need to take from here to D.C. to do the best possible job," he said. "Again, I'm focused mostly on, on the health insurance side making it affordable for middle income people and bring jobs back to the Northstate."  

He said Oroville's town hall meeting was not too productive because it was hard to hear over the people yelling.

LaMalfa mentioned that while Grass Valley's meeting was heated he was still able to hear their concerns on children's healthcare and Medicaid. 

LaMalfa said these meetings are important to him because he wants to listen to his constituents and their concerns. 

He added after Wednesday's town hall he'll decide on whether or not he will continue the meetings.  

This is not the first time he has encountered rowdy crowds. The Tea Party took the congressman to task during several meetings during the Obama Administration.


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