Convicts Help Restore Red Bluff Little League Field

RED BLUFF, Calif. - A Red Bluff Little League field, apparently torn up by vandal doing donuts in a car, is being restored.

This is the same field that was used when the team won the West Regional Little League Finals in 2011.

The diamond is located behind Jackson Heights School and was basically destroyed.

Tehama County inmates, along with convicts released from jail under AB 109, have started fixing up field.

After the field was damaged, Tehama County Probation Officers reached out to the league and offered their help.

Each person helping on the project has been charged with a minor crime and is working to either pay off a fine or earn community service hours.

The sprinkler system was also ruined, so the probation department spent the last two days digging where the new pipes will be put in.

League President Korri McMahan said she was pleased but not surprised at the effort to fix the field.

"When this happened, I knew that we would find help; that people would rally because Red Bluff's just awesome like that," McMahan said. "The whole Northstate's that way."

Little league season starts March 9 so their goal is to have it ready to go by then.

McMahan said as of now, they are right on track.

The pipes will be laid down this weekend. Then the probation crew will come back next week to level the field, seed it and lay the top soil.

If you would like to help them, you can go by the fields this weekend or visit:[&

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