Counterfeit crab feed tickets circulate Anderson

REDDING, Calif. - The Anderson Rotary Club is warning anyone who purchased blue tickets for tomorrow's 44th annual crab feed to call the Shasta County Sheriff's Department immediately.

"This is really freaking us out because, you know, if we sell out our yellow tickets, which are the valid ones, and people show up with blue ones, which weren't sold by us, none of that money goes to our event," explained George Winship, chairman of the crab feed.

Funds from Saturday's crab feed at the fairgrounds will go toward high school student scholarships.

Winship explained how those members of the community holding fake blue tickets at the event's entrance unfortunately won't be allowed to attend.

"We don't have room for them in the building. We're limited at 1,000 people," said Winship.

He explained how the Anderson Rotary Club does all they can to prevent counterfeit tickets from being created, by changing the ticket color as well as a secret numbering system, but somehow a handful of fake tickets have been passed around.

"It's causing quite a bit of concern," expressed Winship.

If you purchased a blue crab feed ticket, call the Shasta County Sheriff's Office to report the scam at 245-6000.

Legitimate yellow crab feed tickets will be sold until the event reaches its 1,000 participant maximum.

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