Deli caters to customers and employees needs

REDDING, Calif. - Turbo'z Deli quietly opened its doors in downtown Redding, but received a warm welcoming with support from the community.

"It's been great.! We opened yesterday, and we didn't even tell anybody, I mean it was in the paper but we didn't put any signs out or anything and today it's really been busy," said Debbie Larmour, co-owner of Turbo'z Deli.

The lunch spot located on Market and Shasta streets isn't just all about great grub. It also helps adults with developments disabilities.

Currently, three workers behind the counter at Turbo'z Deli graduated with special training from Premier Solutions. The Shasta Lake program integrates students into the community, offering multiple training classes.

Turbo'z Deli is the third restaurant the non-profit school has helped open in the Redding area.

The deli plans on having a grand opening Friday, Jan. 31.

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