Dental students raise money for trip to Guatemala

REDDING, Calif. - Students from the Shasta College dental hygiene program are raising money to take a mission trip to Guatemala. The students will bring a mobile clinic to the developing country and provide cleanings and educational programs. They need to raise more than $10,000 to pay for airfare and supplies.

"As a dental student it's a once in a lifetime chance. When are we gonna ever get the opportunity to go to Guatemala and provide dental care? We'll just learn so many things, have a new experience differently from what we do in the clinic," said second-year student Sarah Craft.

Airfare to Antigua, Guatemala is $1,100. The students will have to raise that money too.

"The money helps pay travel expenses and it helps buy the supplies that we need ... we have to take all the supplies down there," said second-year student Chantique Grinsell. 

The two year dental hygiene program gives students hands-on experience through student-run clinics. They provide dental screenings throughout the school year. The trip to Guatemala will give them even more time on the job.

"We have classroom time and we also have clinic time ... going to Guatemala will be completely different because we are going to be providing dental care non stop for five days," said student Brandon Hawkins. 

Shasta College has done the trip a few times, and each year students working at the mobile clinic have to cap the number of people they see.

"The years before they've actually run out of supplies, and when we run out of supplies we can't help anymore. So the more supplies we have, the more people we can reach out to and the more impact we'll be able to make in Guatemala," said student Reina Suarez.

You can donate here:

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