Dog channel set to launch in August

Dog channel set to launch in August

REDDING, Calif. - A new TV channel designed for dogs is set to launch in August.

It's a 24-hour channel made for dogs. The purpose is to help entertain them while you're away from home.

Heather Evans, a Veterinarian at Dana Park Veterinary Hospital in Redding, said  "some dogs may appreciate it or like the distraction or have noise that's going on if they're in a house by themselves, especially if they respond or are really sensitive to outside noises and tend to bark sometimes."

"Are they going to watch it?" Evans said. "I don't know. I've seen some dogs watch TV. I've seen other dogs and cats that have no idea that the TV is even on."

Evans said it's true that pups can get bored when they're home alone and that a dog channel will probably be better than having them watch human television.  

"I think regular TV is an issue because the ads sometimes can be louder so you can get excitable," Evans said, "Some dogs, if there's fast moving things on the television, they actually detect that. They'll chase things off the screen. I've seen them respond and it might get them more agitated or more excited which isn't a good thing if they're at home by themselves."

She told us said television will probably not be soothing for a dog that is energetic or has separation anxiety, but for one that just gets bored or needs a type of "white noise," she said it definitely wouldn't hurt to try the new dog channel.

Evans said when it comes down to it, she recommends classic remedies to keep your dog entertained; ones that won't run up your electricity bill.

"Toys with treats in them, toys that take a while for the dog to figure out, things with hidden treats that they have to work at," Evans said. "Those are things that are all good distractions for the dogs besides the television. In reality, the best thing is to have a person there or to have something there to take their mind off the fact that they're bored. "     

The new channel will be unleashed by DirecTV in August.

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