Dog stolen and tortured; owner looking for culprit

Dog stolen and tortured; owner looking for culprit

REDDING, Calif. - A Shasta County woman said her dog was stolen and tortured.

The dog, Gypsy, once healthy, is now blind, has puncture marks on her sides and has severe damage to her liver and muscles.

A veterinarian believes she was poisoned.

Erica Patton said Gypsy went missing last Friday.

Patton believes the Queensland Blue Heeler  jumped out of the back of her truck that was parked outside the Thai Cafe on Butte Street in Redding.

Patton and Gypsy reunited on Wednesday after a woman found her in the area of Willis and Shasta Streets in downtown Redding.

The little dog was still wearing her collar with her name.

"It's just pretty sick," said Patton.

When Gypsy went missing Patton scoured Redding.

She posted an ad in the newspaper, on Craigslist as well as Facebook.

She also posted hundreds of "missing" signs around town.

Patton even offered a $1,000 reward and filed a police report.

On Friday, Patton held the dog, relieved to have her back in her arms, but now she's on a mission to find who has made her 10-month-old dog suffer.

She has little information to go off but a witness reported she saw Gypsy with three men and a woman, all believed to be in their twenties.

The woman is said to have dark hair.

Two of the men were wearing dark sweatshirts and the third was wearing a 49ers jacket.

"They didn't steal her for reward money, they didn't steal her to sell her, they didn't even take her to keep as a pet because they harmed her," Patton explained.

Patton has already spent $600 in vet bills and medication.

She believes that number will increase.

Now she wants others to be aware of their animals and for those who hurt Gypsy to pay.

"I feel like they need to answer for it."

Patton said she filed another police report Friday afternoon and now she's waiting to see if there's anything investigators can do.

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