First Grade Teacher Allegedly Had Drugs and Alcohol on Campus

First Grade Teacher Allegedly Had Drugs and Alcohol on Campus

ANDERSON, Calif. - A first grade teacher at Meadow Lane Elementary School in Anderson is being investigated for having drugs and alcohol on campus.

Anderson Police Chief Michael Johnson said investigators found methamphetamine, marijuana and alcohol in a teacher's possession while on campus.

According to a handful of parents, that first grade teacher is Jessica LaFayette. Chief Johnson would neither confirm nor deny that she is in fact the teacher.

Johnson told us the department's investigation started the first week of February. Their report has since been turned over to the District Attorney's office, where they've requested charges be filed.

Victor Jones has a son in Mrs. LaFayette's class. He said she hasn't been there for weeks. "I'm concerned. I mean we didn't know where she was at. My son's been telling me that she hasn't been there. I'm kind of concerned about the school. It makes me uncomfortable that teacher might be teaching under the influence," Jones told us.

Jones also said the parents were only told that their class now has a "permanent substitute." He told us he thinks the Principal or Superintendent should be doing more to keep parents in the loop about what's going on.

Chief Johnson said a Teacher's Aid at the Meadow Lane pre-school is also under investigation as of Friday for allegedly physically abusing students.

Chief Johnson wants it to be clear that both the first grade teacher and the aid have both been put on administrative leave. He said they won't have anything to with the school while the investigations are ongoing.

We did reach out to Meadow Lane's Principal to see what she had to say about these accusations. She referred us to the Superintendent, Harley North. We called him a few times and left messages, but we did not get a call back.

We also called Mrs. LaFayette, but she did not answer.

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